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Best Elementor Alternatives


You probably know how popular Elementor is in the world of page building. But it is not the only page builder that has pulled off; there are several Elementor alternative page builders that are flourishing. Page builders like Gutentor, SiteOrigin, and Divi have captured a huge portion of page builders’ market. And for good reasons. You are here and I am assuming you are fed up with Elementor. And you are in the hunt for something else. There could be any reason that you want to go for Elementor’s alternatives. Maybe Elementor is too mainstream and everybody is using it. Or maybe Elementor is a bit expensive as compared to other page builders. Other common downsides of Elementors that baffle […]

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How to Use Video to Boost your Conversion Rates


Video is a powerful marketing tool. It can be used to attract, educate, and convert buyers into customers. But often, brands struggle to integrate video marketing into their content strategy. To most, it appears as a bulky, hard-to-create, and is a difficult marketing medium to prove ROI for.  But that is not true. Today, video is easier to create than ever before. With the use of affordable online software apps, you can go from zero videos to creating a complete video marketing funnel (more on this later) to help boost your conversion rates. Results from incorporating video into your marketing mix are impressive, too. For example, 49% of consumers engage with branded video on Facebook, proof that people pay attention […]

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Best Free Sidebar WordPress Plugins


Want to have more control over your website’s sidebar without changing your current WordPress theme? There are so many free sidebar WordPress plugins that will give you full control over the sidebar of your website. You can display your favorite widgets, features, and posts on the sidebar. And you can even build different sidebars on different pages and posts of your website. Here, we have collected 10 of the best free WordPress sidebar plugins. Spend some of your time playing with them and find the one that really suits your website’s design and functionalities. Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager is a free sidebar WordPress […]

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Your Guide to Thoroughly Backing up Your WordPress Site

You’ve done all your research, found the perfect plugins and theme, written the best content, and are ready to hit publish on your WordPress site. But wait! You’ve almost certainly forgotten the most important thing – backing it up. This is especially important if you run an e-commerce site. Nothing ruins the customer experience quite like a website suddenly becoming inaccessible, or being down for an extended period of time. Before you do anything else, it’s time to sort out a backup solution. What is a Backup?  A backup is, at its simplest, a copy of all relevant files saved in an alternative location. It’s the equivalent of saving an important document to both your personal laptop and cloud storage. […]

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10 Best Free WordPress Sticky Header & Menu Plugins (2020)


Easy navigation is a must on a website. To keep your visitors engaged in your website and make the navigation easy, a sticky header and menu play a huge role. If you have a sticky/floating header and menu, they remain visible even if the visitor is scrolling through the page. So, what if the WordPress theme you use or the custom-built website of yours don’t have a sticky header and menu option? If such is the case, you can make the header, menu, or other important elements of your website with a sticky header/menu plugins. Here is the list of the best 10 free WordPress sticky menu and header plugins. Check this list and choose the one that you think […]

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Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins


Today, we look at the best free WordPress live chat plugins. Adding a WordPress live chat on your website can be quite beneficial. You can take the benefit of much better conversions by addressing the questions of your visitors. Having live chat support helps you take the personal approach and win the trust of your visitors. It will help your customers make a quick decision to buy your product or service. On top of that, some people (including me) prefer to communicate through chat than other methods. So, check our collection of the best free WordPress live chat plugins to integrate the one on your website. Tawk.To Tawk is a secure and quite easy to use free WordPress chat plugin. […]

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Best Gutenberg WordPress Plugins


If you are looking for the best Gutenberg block WordPress plugin, you have come to the right place. We have listed 10+ best Gutenberg WordPress plugins of 2020. These plugins have both free and premium versions.  You can build eye-catching webpages and websites with these Gutenberg WordPress plugins. First, let’s talk a little about What Gutenberg block is. Gutenberg Block With the release of WordPress 5.0 update, WordPress shifted from classic editor to Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is a block-based editor where you will find individual blocks for heading, body, images, table, gallery, list, file, audio, video, and every single element. What Gutenberg Blocks WordPress Plugins do: Gutenberg WordPress Plugins (or add-ons) extend what this already powerful Gutenberg editor can do. […]

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Best Astra Websites Examples


In our previous blog post, we talked in detail about Astra vs CosmosWP vs OceanWP. If you loved Astra more than the other themes and want to build a website with it, we have collected some of the best websites build with Astra WordPress themes. Astra, or WP Astra, is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes with over 900,000+ active installations. You can use your favorite page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder with this multi-purpose WordPress theme to build almost any kind of website easily and instantly. Here, is the list of Best Astra websites examples to inspire you with a design or feature to build your website. We have included both popular websites and small websites that have […]

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30+Best Avada Websites Examples


Avada is one of the most versatile WordPress themes that offer a wide range of customization, easy navigation, pre-built demo sites, and so many great features. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes and has thousands of websites on it. The theme has over 600,000 sales from Themeforest, which makes it one of the best-selling WordPress themes. With this multi-purpose WordPress theme, you can build almost any kind of website. You can use any of its 53 pre-built templates and its Avada page builder features to make unique and wonderful websites. Here, we have built a list of some of the best example websites built using Avada WordPress Theme. We have included many popular websites and even smaller […]

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How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress


Are you getting a 403 Forbidden error on your WordPress website? Getting this message on your WordPress website can be quite frightful experience, especially if you are a WordPress beginner. Here, we will talk about what causes a 403 Forbidden error on websites and how to deal with them. What is a 403 Forbidden – Access Denied Error in WordPress? 403 Forbidden – Access Denied Error is a kind of error that is shown when your server does not give permission to access a specific webpage of your website. Let’s see some of the most common 403 Forbidden error situations. 403 Forbidden on wp-admin 403 Forbidden on WordPress installation process 403 Forbidden on a certain page of your website What […]

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