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Daniel LaCob

Well, the correct code is there so that’s not the issue. I’m going through my plugins right now. I have noticed WP Super Cache plugin has caused some issues. Im gonna have to test it one plugin by one. My admin toolbar is starting to appear on more pages now after deleting the WP Super Cache plugin. Very weird. I also have the Varnish Purge plugin, many of these were installed by Hostgator so Im going through them to test & see what happens. I have pretty fast hosting, it’s cloud based so I dont think the caching is even needed right now, especially since Im only getting small traffic at the moment.

Do you recommend a particular cache plugin?

Update: So I went into Hostgator…found a setting for Server Side Caching & disabled it completely. Wouldn’t you know it? My WP admin toolbar has now reappeared on all links & pages I go to! I also have previously deleted the cache plugins as well. Im still at less than 1000 hits per day so I think I’ll be okay! I really wish webhosts would communicate that sorta thing to its customers. Very aggravating for 3 days! Changes not taking effect & i’m freaking out! Ahh…!

Thanks for your assistance tho! Great theme I love SuperMagPRO!

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