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Dear Sir,
I’m new to WP SuperMagPro.

I’m trying to modify the Date and Time format from the original american format (weekday, month day, year hour:minutes:seconds AM/PM) to the Italian/Continental Europe format.
As per your suggestion I tried to modify the \supermagpro\acmethemes\functions\date-display.php function.
I have been able to modify the Date format from ‘l, F j, Y’ to ‘d F Y’, but, when I try to change the hour format in the function, changing ‘timestamp’ in ‘echo esc_html( date_i18n( $format ,current_time( ‘timestamp’ ) ) )’ to ‘H:i’, corresponding to the Italian time format with leading zeros, the YEAR in site displaying changes from current year INTO 1970!


More if I try to add time format in the ‘d F Y’, resulting ‘d F Y H:i’ it works but it still displays also the American/British time format HH:MI:SEC AM/PM…

Could you, please help me in discovering how to correctly format Date and Time for Italian?

Thanks in advance for your help and courtesy,
Francesco Crescimanno