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Hello marcelo-guedes,
We think actually this is not the problem based on our products.
1. You can use third party plugin for the social share. There are hundreds of such plugin available free on WordPress repo. In future, we will also develop that type of plugin.
2. SuperMagPro have options to manage the author info From Users > All Users and Edit the respected users to manage the authors. Check all the setting on customizer to get the author settings.
3. You can have the plugin for this as well.
4. Sometimes, theme options will not able to solve all the requirements of the users. so, we need to customize the theme. Theme is developed based on the developer concept and sometimes you may need to customize it.
5. Posting video is simple on the theme, you can easily make the video on single post. Here is the docs/blog for you.
6. You can easily use the AT Advertisement widget anywhere on the widget area to promote everything through this site.
7. For rotation advertisement you can make GIF image. Its easy.
In case of third party plugin, we haven’t tested all the plugin because there are thousands of plugin. We checked that plugin on our side and it’s working fine. check the theme once again installing on the other place. Hope it will work for you.

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