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1.) I am reluctant to send my page url for security.

Here you can see….in the header options > top header > Left Side News/Notice/Announcement Title

I would like the title to appear on the same line the telephone and email listings? Currently, it throttles as the Notices progress and each time and ripples causing the whole single page to resize. It’s very distracting to the viewer as the pages wiggles.


2.) Customizing ▸ Featured Section Options
Feature Slider Selection

You can see here that the slider, add image ends on slide 5? I would like to add more slides than only 5 with a really slow progression. Please advise.



3.) Customizing ▸ Featured Section Options
Featured Slider Options

I have attempted to adjust the slider to transition to the next slide every 5 minutes. There are 300,000 ms seconds in five minutes.

Even with the side timer set to 300,000 the slider still transitions very fast around every 1 second. The slider timer seems to have no control over the image transition speed?


I am using a valid license version of Education Base Pro as it was purchased by my business partner Jonathan Slivko and I am the site developer on this project.

Thank you for you support.