- Acme Themes

Thank you very much for your help.

1. Worked perfectly, exactly what I wanted.

2. Under Customizing > Layout/Design Option > Category Color Options I have #978b8b as color and #2d2d2d as the hover color is there anyway to switch those without having to adjust each one individually? I am looking to switch on color for the other.

3. This changes all of the links to blue, which I actually don’t want, I want just the links in that phrase to change, if possible? Being that the phrase pertains to a filter that is added to the functions.php, would I have to adjust the filter in order for it to appear in that manner?

4. Is there a way to incorporate a search option to the menu bar?

5. With my previous theme I incorporated a plugin that allows me to display page numbers at the bottom instead of older posts/newer posts, is it possible to use the plugin with this theme?

Thank you again, after having to continuously fight with the developers of my previous theme, I am very appreciative of the fact that Acme has been an immense help.