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Hey, thanks for fast reply, I took your advice and got the site to look close enough to my original plan, the second problem has been resolved as we decided to use the original color, the new way of showing the image, has presented another issue. The sticky menu option provided by theme has issues, is stutters when i start to scroll, so i added this CSS code:

    height: 100px;
    margin:0 auto;
    width: 100%;

but now the header or “.inner-main-title” hides behind the menu. On the main site its ok, but on other sites, it gets covered up by the menu. Is there a way to move it a bit down ? The header needs to be 100px, larger than that makes the main page look weird, if it would be possible to make the header 100px on main page and 200px on other pages that would actually completly fix my problem, but I dont know if that’s possible ?

you can see the problem on this link (right now the .inner-main-title height is set to 150 so you can see it gets behind the menu on other pages)


Thank you for any help in advance.