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Can you help guide me as to where I would paste the code to display the rev slider where the sliders currently are? I would like it to display just like your sliders behind the three featured column boxes. Which file would I edit to paste in the rev slider code? Would it be the /acmethemes/hooks/header.php file? And where would I paste the code/replace any existing code inside the file?

The embedding options are as follows:
Standard Embeding
For the pages or posts editor insert the shortcode: [rev_slider alias=”homepage”]
From the widgets panel drag the “Revolution Slider” widget to the desired sidebar

Advanced Embeding
From the theme html use: <?php putRevSlider( ‘homepage’ ); ?>
To add the slider only to homepage use: <?php putRevSlider(‘homepage’, ‘homepage’); ?>
To add the slider on specific pages or posts use: <?php putRevSlider(‘homepage’, ‘2,10’); ?>