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I get what you are saying “Acme”. However, at the bottom of each page is the “Feature Image Option” and the first radio box option is “Default As Global Option”. There is no Default Global Option which lists “Show Featured Image” or “Hide Featured Image” in the customizer. It just allows you to set one. Some better language would be appreciated in the Customizer or the ability to override with a checkbox.

Our real goal is to edit a “Global Option” for Default Featured Image by types of posts; Post, Page, Category, etc. We want default images for posts with no featured image attached. We don’t want to go through every page or category and override it each time.

I hope that makes more sense. If this is possible in the customizer and we are missing where that option is, please let us know. If this isn’t within the scope and you don’t intend to add it, we’d appreciate knowing that as well.