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Hello neringa,
Thank you so much for your interest on our theme SuperMagPro. Here we are going to explain in details:
1. You can easily set the number of words on featured post and other post on AT Post Column Widget(have limited options on free theme)
Have a look here on screenshot.
2. You can show/hide category on every widgets. If you show the categories, the categories assign on the specific post will appear. Means if you set a post on two category, two category will appear and if you set on one it will appear one. Screenshot here.
3. For making inner pages like home page, you can use Page Builder WordPress plugin for it and you can set the subcategories on the specific widgets too.
4. In case of menu, you will get lots of options like font, color, hove color, background color etc. So that it may help you to make the menu as the reference site.
5. Yes, you can add Header Ad image or Google Ad Sense Code easily.
6. Yes, you can make the forum on this theme using BB Press.
7. Yes, our theme is compatible with Nextgen gallery plugin too.
8. You can use theme life time but support and updates are available only for a year. After a year, you will charge the theme purchase price and you will get access for another 1 year of support and updates.
Instead of that we have developer plan and you can get the license for up to 10 sites only on $99. Please look here.
If some of requirements not meet, you have to customize the theme and it is child theme provided theme. You can customize the theme easily.
If you have any confusion, let us know. We will make you clear about our theme and price plans.

Warm Regards,
Acme Supports