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gaetano liggieri

Dear Acme Support,
sorry if I made confusion to you, but I have 2 Amce licences:
1.the first is free and is on “ekho.it” (this is already online and this was the reason for showing you the problem.. http://www.ekho.it)
2.the second licence is “Corporate Plus Pro” (Order number 105998263281, from 23rd of august 2016), but this is NOT yet online but only on localhost. Since the problem was the same on both licences I sent you the online URL of the free version… sorry for this.

Moreover I have to underline that I do not inserted any custom code on the Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Options > Custom CSS. I used yours, without solve the problem.

Now I hope to have clarified to you the confusion, but the problem is still there and really I need your support in order to solve it since I have to to online asap.
Looking forward to hearing from you