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J. Feldt

Hi there,

I’ve checked the presentation of the web site in different browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Brave) on different OS on mobile devices.

At least it has shown up, that the presentation for all Android or Microsoft devices is no problem. Differing from browser to browser it is for some browser possible that the site is scrolling over the background image and the other browser show up a fixed image, whichis moving with the site. But at least it is for all browser on Android OS that the background image has the right scaling. It is looking as good as on a desktop system – just a bit smaller.
I checked the behaviour on different Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) – for all devices the same result: the background image is fixed and scorolls with the site. But the resoultion of the background image is of very poor quality.

That leads to the thought, that it might be a problem for all Apple mobile devices. So can you please chek if there is any line of code within your template which is scaling the background image? It is no need to check, if the site is scrolling over the background image. But the background image should have a propper scaling.

Deactivating all Plugins leads to no solution.

Many thanks for all your efforts to solve this isue.

best regards.