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    Hello AnnaLisa,
    Instead of category in slider, you want to use page for it. If you are familiar with WordPress codes, you can customize the theme as your need. Its not so easy to provide the ready made code for this issue because you have to do lots of coding and CSS for it.
    We are going to release the premium version of this theme within few days. On that theme we include lots of additional features and also the options for selecting page on slider. Would you please wait for few days and go to the premium version of this theme so that it help you to make your site more reliable.

    If you have any more query, feel free to ask.

    Thank You
    Acme Supports

    in reply to: Change logo size #5198

    Hi AnnaLisa,
    Thank you so much for using our theme AcmeBlog. In the case of logo, if you want to add the logo size bigger and write your own css, it may work for you but sometimes it may arise issues on responsive view. So before adding any line of code, make sure it may work properly or may arise some issues too.
    On the case of logo size, would you please provide the link of your site so that it help us for debugging your problem more easier.
    Note: Child theme is recommended to customize theme.

    Thanks you
    Acme Supports

    in reply to: Can I add a logo to the header but keep the text? #5202

    Hello shanson,
    There is no any options for both the Site title, tagline and logo. You can either use site logo or title and tagline.
    Thank you for your question, we will surely include this feature on premium version of this theme and we will soon release the premium version of this theme.

    Thank You


    Hello samroza,
    Thank you so much for using our theme. We have a detailed documentation here.

    For making the image site suitable for our theme, please follow the below process:

    First, go to Settings > Media
    Set thumbnail size : 500 * 280
    Set Medium size : 690 * 400
    Set Large size : 1080 * 530
    Click on Save Changes to save the change.

    We recommend you to use plugin named Acme Fix Image
    to crop the actual size of the images.

    After installing this plugin
    Login to admin panel,Go to Appearance => Acme Fix Images.
    Check the image sizes you want to fixed
    Click Fix All Images.

    Hope, the above procedure will easily solve your problem. If problem remain as it is, please feel free to ask.


    in reply to: How to make the home page as your demo ? #5229

    Hello @klatzer,

    Thank you so much for using our theme AcmeBlog. Please follow the details for using theme from theme documentation.
    Hope this documentation will help you easily to build the site as demo.
    If you feel any confusion, feel free to ask. We will help you.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Supports

Viewing 5 posts - 3,796 through 3,800 (of 3,800 total)