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Hello Team,
I sent the email to this address [email protected] but I have this return

Delivery failed for these recipients or groups:

[email protected] ([email protected])
We were unable to deliver your mail. The recipient’s mail server (external to Office 365) uses the spamrl.com spam block list and suspects your mail to be spam. However, your mail has not been deleted. It has been placed in the recipient’s spam quarantine. To resolve this problem, contact the recipient by another means (for example, by phone) and ask them to release the mail from the spam quarantine. This will automatically reclassify your mail as having been wrongfully blocked and will instruct the spamrl.com blocklist to prevent your mails from being blocked in the future.

For mail administrators
When Office 365 attempted to send the mail to the recipient (external to Office 365), the external mail server returned the error below. The recipient’s mail server is subscribed to the spamrl.com block list and suspects the sender’s mail to be spam because your domain name (or the IP address used to send the mail) has recently identified in spam. You can temporarily exclude your mail domain (or IP address if mail was sent from a local server) from spamrl.com’s block list by completing the list removal request at https: //spamrl.com. To fix the problem permanently, contact the recipient and ask them to release the sender’s mail from their spam quarantine.

Only the recipient or the administrator of his mail can solve this problem permanently. Office 365 Support cannot help you with this type of externally reported error.