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Joan Friedlander

Thank you for your guidance. I was finally able to get back to this.

I successfully changed the link color on the Pages for my site. I noticed that the blog post links are still a light blue. Extrapolating from what you sent me, I added another instruction in the Custom CSS, as follows, replacing the word “page” with “post.”

.post .entry-content a {
color: #f88c00 !important;

It worked. I share this in case others need to change the link color for both pages and posts.


I found acmethemes/core.php and the section which I think you’re pointing to, /*Font-Awesome-master*/ Is this where I should be looking to change the font family? If you are willing to give me specific code change directions, it will make it easier for me to modify without messing up the site. Same for how to update the font family name on Style.css. If this is beyond the scope of your support, I understand.

Thank you, Joan