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Lisa Catherwood

I was using the correct child themes with the correct parent themes. I have spoken extensively on live chat and sent emails to you. I have also set up user profile for you to look which I sent by email last week.

Essentially my site


has been running well using supermagpro for months.

I tried to update it to 1.2.3 and the site went very wonky. its display was incorrect, menu out, news ticker out, footer missing etc etc

I reloaded backup and have taken a staging copy of the site to

user : flywheel
pass: innate-laugh

I have since tried downloading and running a fresh copy of supermagpro1.2.3 and its display was still not correct. I deleted my own child theme and used your fresh download child theme, thinking i could remake the changes we were using and the faults were worse.

As an experiment I downloaded your supermag themse and used it as the theme and the display was perfect. Even the dropdown glitch was fixed

I have sent you logins to the staging site and hope you can help me sort it out.

I have lost hours on this which is extremely disappointing particularly on a paid theme which worked so well for us until now.

Please get back to me soon