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Hello [email protected],
Thank you so much for using our premium products. We are really happy to help you on your every problems.
1. First we request you to check the documentation and import the dummy data as mentioned there.
2. After completed those steps, you may need to check the Appearance > Customize > Widget > Home Main Content Area and check all the options available on the widget.
3. You can check here for how to make the site as demo from the docs. Just follow the 8 steps there. (You may already completed some steps already)
4. Now you need to know about how the content appeared. The content appeared based on Child/Parent Page. You will find the steps on the documentation for making child/parent page as well.
5. You can check the Blog post which help you to customize the theme as well.

Hope, you can customize the theme content as your need. If you faced any problems, let us know. We will do our best to overcome your problem.

Warm Regards
Acme Supports