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Hello julia,
Thank you so much for using our theme Education Base Pro.
1. The Image you are loading is not proper way to load the image. Go to media, select the image and edit it. After that you will get the full image link. Instead of wp-content/assets/DASIL_logo_FINAL_squareNO-DROP.png use the full link like https://wwww.yoursiteurl.com/wp-content/assets/logo.png. Please try once and let us know.
2. You are using featured image too big and the layout is full width so that the size is appeared too big. Try once by making the image size small from Appearance > Customize > Single Post Options and change the image size from there. We have a video, please view this video to know the setting on the customizer. You can know the every setting through this video. For more video, you can check our channel.

Hope, this will help to solve the issues.