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Andre Gilliam

Site URL: http://knowhowtoearn.com/

IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN (a few minutes ago), 11 or 12 of my widgets have been deleted from my site!!

What is going here? I can’t do this any longer!! Apparently, I will be forced to move my site,
although I don’t prefer to, but I will, if this matter is not resolved immediately.

I have to do daily or hourly news updates on my site, and I can’t comfortably do it under these circumstances.
I have never experienced a situation like this before, and I still have not received an answer from you!!

As you requested, I also responded to you by email after the first incident, but no email response back from
you, so I assumed that the matter had been permanently resolved.

These “disappearing widgets”, sabotage, or whatever it is, is causing me be extremely delayed with developing
my business to the highest level eventually, so I need a resolution, and/or satisfactory explanation NOW.

This is very frustrating, and I am dong my best to remain professional, but I need you, or your company, to
respond in kind.

Thank You for reading, and responding immediately, please.

Andre | Admin | KnowHowToEarn.Com