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    Andre Gilliam

    Site URL:

    For some strange reason, my customization widgets are being deleted from my site!!

    It seems to be deliberate, because these widgets have been on my site for a few months,
    but now they are “disappearing”? How could that be? I have not done anything wrong on my
    end, and I have not been hacked through my W.P. Admin Panel, so it has to be someone who
    is accessing my SuperMagPro theme on your end.

    “If I am wrong, I will gladly apologize here in writing for everyone to see. I pride myself
    on being a very fair person, so that would be the fair thing for me to do, if I am wrong.”

    In the meantime, please investigate this matter, and fix this problem immediately. I have put
    in a lot of time and effort to write and design my site, and I don’t appreciate my hard work
    being destroyed for no good reason.

    For example, I was making some changes and updates today, and I updated those changes, then
    I noticed that two of my widgets were deleted. However, I thought that it might be a fluke, or
    a bug of some type, so I reinstated that widget. Then, I checked my site, and there were now
    five other widgets deleted!!

    These deleted widgets were on the center section of the Main Page, and the Footer Area of my site.

    Note: The first time this happened was about a week ago, and today it has happened twice, and I
    don’t know who it is, or why it is, but I do know that it needs to stop right now.

    Thank You,
    Andre | Admin

    P.S. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated, because this is an urgent matter.


    Dear Andre Gilliam,
    Please contact us via email. [email protected] We will help you on your problem.

    Thank you

    Andre Gilliam

    Site URL:

    IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN (a few minutes ago), 11 or 12 of my widgets have been deleted from my site!!

    What is going here? I can’t do this any longer!! Apparently, I will be forced to move my site,
    although I don’t prefer to, but I will, if this matter is not resolved immediately.

    I have to do daily or hourly news updates on my site, and I can’t comfortably do it under these circumstances.
    I have never experienced a situation like this before, and I still have not received an answer from you!!

    As you requested, I also responded to you by email after the first incident, but no email response back from
    you, so I assumed that the matter had been permanently resolved.

    These “disappearing widgets”, sabotage, or whatever it is, is causing me be extremely delayed with developing
    my business to the highest level eventually, so I need a resolution, and/or satisfactory explanation NOW.

    This is very frustrating, and I am dong my best to remain professional, but I need you, or your company, to
    respond in kind.

    Thank You for reading, and responding immediately, please.

    Andre | Admin | KnowHowToEarn.Com

    Acme Themes

    Dear Andre Gilliam,

    First of all, you have to understand we cannot access your site admin directly or indirectly. And the theme you are using is secure as WordPress.

    Maybe someone has your admin username or password, cpanel access or FTP access or hacked your site and messing up with you.
    Please follow the following steps, It may help to secure your site:
    1. Change your admin Password and Username
    2. Change your Cpanel Password and Username
    3. Change your all FTP Password and Username
    4. Check for your website file and database for suspicious files and data and delete it.

    Best Regards!
    Acme Themes

    Andre Gilliam

    Site URL:

    Due to the problems I had with the SuperMagPro Theme, I have decided to switch over to the Weblog Theme.

    I still have about six months left on my yearly Acme Themes membership, so I am requesting that you upgrade

    my Weblog Theme to Weblog Pro for the remainder of my current membership.

    I would appreciate that being done today, please.

    Thank You,
    Andre | Admin | KnowHowToEarn.Com

    Acme Themes

    Hello Andre Gilliam,

    We again say that switching theme wont change the problems if you site is being hacked or access by unauthorized person.
    And We are sorry to say that we don’t have any plan to switch theme between pro, If you want to use WeblogPro, you need to buy it separately or can select any our pricing plans.

    Best Regards!
    Acme Themes

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