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OK. I went through and resized 3 images that are being used as featured images on the main page of our site at http://ChicagoMusicGuide.com and 2 of them are still quite distorted and the 3rd is better but still not as sharp as the original image. I am sorry to say that this is getting quite frustrating and while I don’t know all the work that is involved to make this happen, it is hard to understand why this is such a hard issue to correct.

Here are the article names of the images that I resized that are viewable on the slider on the main page of our site:

The Wild Feathers Live at Bottom Lounge – VERY DISTORTED
REVIEW: Reformed Whores Live at Zanies Comedy Club – VERY DISTORTED
There’s More Gear Than Ever – What Do You Need? – Not as sharp

So, each image, I resized to 840×480 and re-uploaded them as a fresh image and like I said, 2 of them are still very distorted and the other is a little dull and blurry.

In each case, I also used the image fix option too, so, something is not right here.

Please escalate this case as it has been going on for a few weeks and is affecting more than one person.

Thank you very much!

Dennis M. Kelly
Chicago Music Guide