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    Unfortunately, you closed the support ticket before I could respond, I don’t get notifications on your responses like it is supposed to, so sorry for my delay. But, one of the featured images in the slider that is not displaying correctly is the featured image on this page: http://chicagomusicguide.com/theres-more-gear-than-ever-what-do-you-need/ It shows correctly for the small thumbnail (next to the slider), but not on the slider itself. Please advise. Thank you very much!


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,
    What you mean to say? In the above provided link, there is no any such slider. We are little bit confuse about your query, but as our understood, please add the featured image size of bigger image size. If you add the image size smaller, the size of image will full cropped and may be it losses the quality.
    Or you mean to say that the image of the page you selected is not properly?

    Please elaborate your issues with example too. It helps us to find the best way to solve your issues.

    Best Regards
    Acme Supports


    Hello, thank you!

    The images are all on the main page (http://chicagomusicguide.com) but for example, I just published a new page for a Japanese band called Tempalay and the featured image is 2048 X 1365 and this image (in the slider) is all stretched and distorted. Please can we get this fixed soon, it looks terrible the way it is right now.

    Thank you very much!


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,

    The image in slider are all small. Images are 300*300 in size.
    For example following image:

    Please make sure you have followed the documentation Setting up Images size ( https://doc.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/#SettingupImagessize ) and installed Acme Fix Image plugin.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes


    Good morning,

    OK, I just went through my entire media library and I do not have a 300×300 sized version of that photo coming up. I see it in the link you provided, but that is not what I am using for the featured (slider) image. The picture I am talking about is this one: DSC_6549aa.jpg and it is 2048 × 1365 and I use the fix image option on each image I upload ever since I first heard about it and it still comes out distorted and stretched on the slider, but looks perfectly fine on the target page.


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,

    Can you please check images sizes
    => For that go to the Settings, then Media.
    ( https://doc.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/#SettingupImagessize )

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes


    Couldn’t the slider image just automatically be proportional and cropped so it will never appear distorted? I think nobody likes the distorted images.


    Hello @danielkoepf,
    Thanks for your nice feedback. If we automatically Crop the image used on theme, the load time of theme will really large due to hard cropped of image. so we developed a plugin to crop the image. WordPress have 3 image size and we used that image size for our theme. Please follow this link to crop the image size. https://doc.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/#SettingupImagessize

    If you face any problem, let us know.



    OK. I went through and resized 3 images that are being used as featured images on the main page of our site at http://ChicagoMusicGuide.com and 2 of them are still quite distorted and the 3rd is better but still not as sharp as the original image. I am sorry to say that this is getting quite frustrating and while I don’t know all the work that is involved to make this happen, it is hard to understand why this is such a hard issue to correct.

    Here are the article names of the images that I resized that are viewable on the slider on the main page of our site:

    The Wild Feathers Live at Bottom Lounge – VERY DISTORTED
    REVIEW: Reformed Whores Live at Zanies Comedy Club – VERY DISTORTED
    There’s More Gear Than Ever – What Do You Need? – Not as sharp

    So, each image, I resized to 840×480 and re-uploaded them as a fresh image and like I said, 2 of them are still very distorted and the other is a little dull and blurry.

    In each case, I also used the image fix option too, so, something is not right here.

    Please escalate this case as it has been going on for a few weeks and is affecting more than one person.

    Thank you very much!

    Dennis M. Kelly
    Chicago Music Guide


    Hello ChicagoMusicGuide,

    Still all your images are 300 * 300 size.
    Please make sure you have followed the instruction:
    How to make the images size as demo?

    • First, go to Settings > Media
    • Set thumbnail size : 500 * 280
    • Set Medium size : 600 * 365
    • Set Large size : 840 * 480
    • Click on Save Changes to save the change.

    This is also described in docs https://doc.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/#SettingupImagessize (How to make the images size as demo?).

    If you have again problem, please contact us from here http://www.acmethemes.com/contact/ also providing wp-admin details, we will see you issues.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes


    OK, now I am getting beyond frustrated here!

    I KNOW how to resize images and am telling you the image IS 840×480. I do NOT know where you are getting 300×300, but I just RE-confirmed that the images and I re-uploaded are still 840×480 showing in our media library at 840×480.

    Perhaps there is a problem with your slider?????


    There is no any bug in the feature slider you can see that in the demo too https://demo.acmethemes.com/supermagpro/ , If you inspect you slider image in your site, the all slider images are 300 * 300 in size. Please see this image link http://prnt.sc/atsxms .
    This usually happened because of images size here Go to Settings > Media. This is not related to actual image size you upload.
    If you cannot do it in your site, please provide us wp-admin details, we will see your issue.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes


    OK… now I see what you are saying and have corrected it. I am a bit confused though because the 300×300 was for the medium size images and I had large already set to 840×480. Either way, I changed the medium size to the 840×480 also and the slider image is looking great now.

    Sorry for the frustration, but this one was confusing since the image size was correct and wasn’t displaying correctly.

    Thank you very much! This matter can now be closed. Thanks!


    Its very nice to know your problem solved 🙂 .

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes

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