- Acme Themes

Hello icryptic,
Thank you so much for trying to edit theme with yourself and we are so happy that you are editing theme with Child Theme approach. We are really happy to got the client as you.
If you are trying to edit the file of parent with child theme approach, please follow the guidelines to edit.
1. Create a child theme. (You already have it)
2. Make the same directory path as parent theme on child theme.
Example: If you want to edit the file which is inside the acmethemes/hook/social-links.php make the same directory path on child theme. acmethemes/hook/social-links.phpNo need to add the the files inside the directory, just put the file which you are going to edit.
3. If you need to edit some other files, please follow the same process on 2.

If you need any help, please write the question here.