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Hello Neringa GrabauskienÄ—,
Thank you so much for using our theme SuperMagPro. Here is your answers:
1. Use the below CSS codes to hide it. Appearance > Customize > Layout/Design Options > Custom CSS

.archive .entry-meta {
    display: none;
.archive .entry-footer {
    display: none;

We are planning to add this functionality on coming updates.

2. Have you edited any theme code ? If not, we will check it and inform you the problem with solution. We checked here and it is working fine. It may be due to plugin conflicts. Better to try one by deactivating the plugin one by one and check it.
3. If Full title of breaking news enable, and if the author add the long post title, it will overlap with the other title. So as per the design perspective, we made the long title of blog post hidden. If you want the full post, let us know, we will provide the custom CSS to enable it.

Best Regards,
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