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    I have a problem I can’t resolve. I use the same Adsense scripts in both my website and blog for a very long long time. Then around a month ago, I replaced my old blog Thesis 1.8x theme with Supermag. Everything was just fine until I included the Adsense scripts. Those scripts runs twice while they run normally with the old theme. Besides I use the same scripts in my web site running TYPO3 CMS without a glitch. I have never experienced a problem like this before and I’m screwed.
    I have tried everything by the book and all I could find in the web without avail.
    The question is: may I switch Supermag safely with Twenty Nineteen just for testing? Any special precautions?
    Any advice will be appreciated.


    Unfortunately in almost 3 months I got no answer.


    Dear Lesm,
    We are sorry for being late to respond you. Could you please provide your site URL or send screenshot to make your issue more clear?

    Best Regards!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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