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    Dimitra Skylogianni

    I want bigger fonts on my pages and articles body
    Can you tell me please what changes I have to so in CSS style?



    I used the following information:

    I was also told this:

    While viewing your page source you have added the CSS inside commented code.
    Please delete everything on Additional CSS and add only the above CSS.


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    Dimitra Skylogianni

    Thanks a lot I will try this

    Dimitra Skylogianni

    I tried the addition css code aw you told me, I also cleaned cash memory from my browser and everything is ok now

    I have one more question

    Can I have different font size for the body of a page or an article and the sidebar because with this additional css code font size is the same also in the body of the articles and pages and in the body of sidebar

    Thanks a lot

    Acme Themes

    Hello Dimitra,

    We have already answer your query, so closing this thread, please ask query in only one place.



    You can give font-size attribute in CSS and give large font size.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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