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    We’re currently testing your “Online Shop” theme and already ran into problems with the PayPal integration, but this new one is even present in your official demo installation of the theme HERE.

    The breadcrumb navigation on the product page is broken. It’s very easy to reproduce:

    1) Click on “Women Collection” in the left menu.

    After the page has loaded, note that the breadcrumb path in the top header reads:
    “Home / Products / Women Collection” (as expected)

    2) Click on any product in that category, e.g. “Converse” (the first product).

    After the product page for “Converse” has loaded, note how the breadcrumb path changes to:
    “Home / Products / Converse”

    while it SHOULD in fact read:

    “Home / Products / Women Collection / Converse”

    According to our tests, this bug also occurs with deeper categories/sub-categories. E.g., if your breadcrumb path should read:
    “Home / Products / Women Collection / T-Shirts / Great-Shirt”

    your theme displays:

    “Home / Products / Great-Shirt”

    dumping all categories (which makes the breadcrumb feature kinda useless). The bug is present in the free and in the “pro” version of your theme (as seen in your official theme demo).

    We really like your theme for its layout and minimalism, but with the “PayPal bug” and the breadcrumb bug, it starts to become somewhat hard to justify sticking to it. Also, communication is pretty slow, as we reported the PayPal bug 11 days ago and haven’t really heard back from you guys. :/

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    Dear Sharkster,
    By default, our theme has breadcrumb options in customize section . Here are the options:-
    i). Disable
    ii). Default
    iii). WC Breadcrumb (WooCommerce default breadcrumb).

    Note: If you need other then these options, it will customization for breadcrumb.


    Oh, okay… so with breadcrumbs on “default”, it leaves out half of the breadcrumb path, I see. I switched it to WC breadcrumbs and it now shows the real path. Thanks for your swift reply and help!

    We’ve just purchased the full theme in hope to get the support to fiddle out the problem with the WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway, because in every other aspect your theme is exactly the one we need for our stuff. 🙂


    Dear sharkster,
    Since it has been already solved by email support, I’m closing this thread. If the issue still reflected then please feel free to contact us.

    Note: Disabling the sticky sidebar will fix the issue.

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