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    I installed the new update to the theme yesterday, and since then whenever I try to delete a slide from the slider (or change one or change the colour of a featured section), I get the following message:
    “Looks like something’s gone wrong. Wait a couple of seconds, and then try again.”
    I can wait hours, and it still does the same. Advice online for this error suggests a plugin or theme issue. I have deactivated every plugin we have, and the error still occurs. Is this an issue to do with the theme update?
    PS our site is http://www.kirkburtonmiddleschool.co.uk

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    I tested this on my server (I reported the bug that triggered that update). I’m using the free version.

    I am able to change the colour without issue. I am also able to reorder the slider and add/remove slides.

    Have you tried reinstalling the plugin? Maybe something went wrong during extraction/download.



    Thanks for the reply.
    I did uninstall and reinstall. Also, tried rolling back and that hasn’t made a difference, which could point to something else, unless it left a bug behind somewhere. Not sure what to try next as I’ve removed plugins and theme..

    At worst, I’ll have to go back to a backup of the whole site.



    Just rolled back 2 versions and still the same issue. Anything else I can change? There are no new plugins and even when I removed every single one, still the same issue. Is there a error report I can check anywhere for this rather non-descript error?!



    One thing I might try (hopefully you get my idea):

    1) Export the theme customizer settings using the Customizer Import/Export plugin
    2) Reset the theme customzation (either in the MySQL DB, or some other way I’m forgetting)
    3) Re-import the theme customizer settings

    Maybe there is some legacy parameter that is causing the theme to hangup, but by exporting and reimporting only valid settings, it will work again?




    Thanks a lot for that reply, makes total sense.
    I have installed and backed up my settings but cannot find how to reset the Theme, I have installed a Plugin to reset the theme – https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/customizer-reset-by-wpzoom/
    The reset button looks like it is doing something but nothing at all is reset. I have googled how to reset the Theme using the MySQL panel but there’s not much help other than changing the Theme, which I doubt will clear the settings. Any ideas how to clear it?!
    Thanks again



    I think my last post got held for moderation. Probably posted too many links?

    Anyway, since I can’t DM you:

    Are you able to post anything at all? Such as a new blog entry? I have a gross workaround, but it helps you avoid reinstalling the whole site.

    1. Export the customizer settings as before
    2. Create a child theme as per Acme themes instructions: http://www.acmethemes.com/blog/2016/07/child-themes-and-its-importance/
    3. Alternatively, if you trust a random dude on the internet (you never should) you can take the prepared package I made here the other day: dropbox.com/s/bmzs5jxjha3t7oy/education-base-child.zip?dl=0
    4. The child theme does not inherit customizer settings. So you can active the child theme, and import the settings you exported in step 1.

    I hope this helps.



    Hi again

    Thanks a lot for all that information. I have just logged on to try it, and I tried a blog post, which worked (I thought it was doing anyway), and thought I’ll give it one last go before attempting the child theme. Very surprised to see that the Slider section worked!! I have no idea what has happened. I tried it earlier today when I started to look at your ideas and no luck. I have done nothing since and it is now working. I am cautiously hopeful that it will stay this way and I’ll keep the link to this thread. Many, many thanks for your efforts, I wish I could pin point what has occurred!!


    Acme Themes

    It seems like the issue has been solved.
    Thanks canadidan!
    vanginger If you have further query you can ask in new thread, closing this thread now.

    Best Regards!
    Acme Themes

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