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    This is in reference to my website

    I think my Hindi website can look better if the layout width of single post is lesser than the present one.

    The ideal situation would be if I retain the right sidebar and the space for left sidebar is left blank, so that the content of every post is something like

    Please assist.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hello neerajbhushan,
    Please add the below CSS codes on Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Hope this will help to reduce the width of the content area.

    .wrapper {
        width: 1207px !important;

    Change the above number as your required width.

    If you need any additional customization, you need to hire cusomizer for it.

    Thank you



    Thanks. This is showing up fine on desktop but spoiling when the site or a post is viewed in mobile. Please suggest.

    Thanks again.

    Neeraj Bhushan



    Hello neerajbhushan,
    If you need additional customization on the theme, you need to request for theme customization. Please request from here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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