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    Some Error Occur While Importing Demo, Please contact
    give this solution


    Dear Abdullah,
    Here is an alternative method to import demo data.

    1. Extract the downloaded zip file, there will be 3 files with extension xml, wie and dat
    2. Import xml file using WordPress Importer ( )
    3. Import wie file using Widget Importer & Exporter ( )
    4. Import dat file using Customizer Export/Import ( )

    Best Regards!


    Hello. I found this post after running into some issues importing the zip file. I’ve gotten through the first 3 steps, but number 4 isn’t working. I’ve enabled the customizer import/export plugin, but when I try to import the dat file nothing happens.

    Any ideas?


    I face the same problem as mcschmidt00
    Then, I try to use another plugin, named One Click Demo Import and I can import sucessfully all 3 files but the demo web is not poorly displayed. It is not as your package’s design. You can visit it at:

    As this:
    My current demo home page

    View post on

    btw, If I want to store those 3 files manually on my hosting, where could I locate them?

    Pls, help me to solve that problem.


    Dear all,
    First of all, sorry for the above confused comment.
    After hours of trying customizing the theme, I’ve reach the same one as the demo.
    The One Click Demo Import plugin is working perfectly in my case so you can try it if getting the same problem.
    Finnaly, thank you AcmeThemes so much, what an awesome theme!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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