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    I am always the first one to get in line when it comes to upgrades, but when theme upgrades come along I shiver in my boots, basically I close my eyes and cross my fingers.

    The ‘Supernews’ theme was due, did some general customizing but this one I’m not so sure of. The page that you create so that you can add the features section, the title of it is showing up along with my share buttons underneath my bottom featured section. It wasn’t showing pre update, how to remove those?

    Thank you, great themes and I use several, hate theme upgrade but I’ll do it every time.



    Okay, obviously just removed the share button, but the page title shouldn’t be there right? I would just as soon put the share buttons back but I don’t like the page title at the bottom, it’s not relevant.



    Hello steeltown32,

    Can you please provide me the site link along with screenshot so that it will be easy for us to find solution.

    Thank you,



    Thanks for the prompt reply, it was actually an easy fix ‘Front Page Options
    Hide Blog Posts or Static Page on Front Page’

    Always best to go to the customizer after a theme upgrade, though I did have to change the link color in css

    Thanks again



    Nice to know that your problem is fixed.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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