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    TC Lee

    The site I am building is

    After I update the parent theme, the formatting went hay wire.

    You can see that:
    1/ The words no longer appear on the pictures of the slider. They appear below.
    2/ The header picture has slided down to appear at the bottom of the page.
    3/ The 3 feature sections below the slider became uneven in sizes.
    4/ For the “About Us” section on the front page, the pictures and the words overlap now.
    5/ Under “subjects”, the pictures and the words are all overlapping.
    6/ The headers for each section has been shifted from the center to the left.
    7/ The footer section is completely out of alignment.

    How can I correct these?

    Is there a way to simply roll-back the latest update as a simple solution?

    Thank you.

    TC Lee

    I am using Child Theme Configurator.

    I run it again, and it resolved some of the issues. The issues remaining are

    1/ The 3 feature columns below the slider are uneven in sizes. How can we adjust the size of the boxes so that they are all the same size? Can we justify the rows of text in the feature column?

    2/ How do we justify the text in excerpts?

    Acme Themes

    Hello TC Lee,

    In most of the cases if you have edited the parent theme itself, your edited code will gone on theme update. Otherwise there is no any reason the site messed up while updating.
    We are not sure how you fixed the problem yourself, but for the remaining issue we would like to suggest you following solutions:
    1. For equal height , please use the following custom CSS:

    .feature-column > .container > .row {
        display: flex;

    2. In the proper CSS selector , add the following line of CSS
    text-align: justify;

    Best Regards!
    Acme Themes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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