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    Hi again, i now have an issue with my landing page.

    I configured the theme in Custom > Static homepage (not sure about the terms, i have a translated version) and chosed a static page. However the page doesn’t show up and all i ee under the menu is Recent posts, Archives, Categories,….

    When i configure “Last posts” as homepage, it works properly.

    Do you have any clue ?
    Thanks in advance.


    Hello, thank you so much for using our theme SuperMag.
    After choosing the Static home page, you have to add the “AT Post Column” widget on “Home Main Content Area”.
    Please follow this instruction to make it.
    Please try once, hope it will work for you.
    If any problem is arise, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Acme Supports


    Hi, thanks for the quick reply !
    However i’m still stuck, maybe i didn’t understand something properly…
    Heres what my configuration looks like :



    I’d like to have my page “Bienvenue sur….” to show as static homepage.


    i forgot to post the result :

    config 03

    there is no page between the menu and the last posts section…


    This theme is widgetized. If you select a front page and add widget on Home Main Content area, the content of that home page is not visible. It will replace by the content of Widget.
    Please follow the proper documentation for setting up the theme. Hope documentation will help you to solve the problems.
    Also we would like to suggest to add Text widget to display content what you like.

    Best Regards
    Acme Supports

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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