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  • in reply to: Expand menu (with sub-menu) on hover AND on focus #26554

    This works perfect! Thanks for the reply and the code!

    in reply to: Header photo's #20521

    In the source files of the themes folder on the website, there are sub-folders that contain the information. You must have FTP access via FTP client or web editor such as Dreamweaver to access these source files – this cannot be accessed through the WP admin CMS.

    When you access the source files of the site, you can follow the folder navigation path I listed above to find the source file with the code to modify in the page named dynamic-css.php, line 74. There, the code is located to change the property from fixed to scroll.

    I would recommend running a full site backup first before modifying the source code, or find someone with html skills that can navigate to the source code before changing. Also, if this change is made in the parent theme (if you have not created a child theme), any future automatic updates will erase any code modifications you have made, and will need to be added back.

    Here is modified code to place in the dynamic-css.php file:

    $custom_css .= ”
    .inner-main-title {
    background-position: center;
    height: {$education_base_header_height}px;

    I hope this helps!


    in reply to: Header photo's #20514

    Background image not resizing image on iOS mobile – fixed

    After researching, I found that this is an inherent issue with Apple’s Webkit handling of CSS – Specifically, an error is encountered when using the background-size:cover with background-attachment:fixed properties. This does not resize images correctly on mobile.

    The fix I used was done in themes->education-base-pro(child if using one)->acmethemes->hooks->dynamic-css.php->line 74 – $custom_css – I changed the background-attachment from fixed to scroll.

    You do lose the fixed appearance of the photo(s) in your header, but this works across multiple platforms on mobile devices.

    There are programming methods to get this (fixed property) to work properly, but this was the quickest, simplest fix for me to make it work on iOS mobile.

    Hope this helps!


    in reply to: Header photo's #19849

    I have encountered this same error – images resize fine in Chrome on Android, but do not decrease size in Safari on iOS.

    I would like to implement code for this fix, but am having trouble finding the document that contains the education-base-style-inline-css which delivers the .inner-main-title style and/or the media query code. Unless I’m missing something obvious?

    could you tell me which file in the theme contains this specific block, so I may update in my child theme?


    in reply to: Version differences in Free and Pro #18288

    I have updated the Font Awesome file to version 4.7.0 in a folder in the child theme, and enqueued the style sheet in my child functions.php file by adding the following code:

    wp_enqueue_style( ‘font-awesome’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/assets/library/Font-Awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css’, array(), ‘4.5.0’ );
    wp_enqueue_style( ‘font-awesome-child’,
    get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‘/assets/library/Font-Awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css’ ,

    I hope this may be useful for someone looking to keep the Instagram Social icon up-to-date.

    I have not yet figured out why the style on the main navigation is not formatting properly, and why the mobile menu shows as expanded on a desktop browser between 768px to 1023px, and lastly, why the back to top arrow is not correct – but I will place the solution here when I find it.

    Great theme! These are only minor tweaks that I’m finding to suit my needs!


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