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    Thanks again for your theme free
    I followed the documentation to create the menu onepage

    Corporate Plus Pro: Few Steps to create one page site

    but the onepage menu has created a layout (spacing and centering) other than that which is generated automatically with pages present

    There are tips to successfully create onepage menu?

    They attach screenshots to understand the problem menu

    Menu Automatic

    Menu Onepage

    Thanks again for your support

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    but in the first post they had been deleted links to images
    then reinserted
    thank you

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    Hello gruis28,
    Thank you so much for using our theme and thanks for your nice feedback. We think, you are not clear about creating the menu. Please follow the listed issues once and let us know how it works.

    Add Section IDs on Widgets:

    Go to Appearance > Widget > Home Main Content Area
    Click on one of the available widget on that widget area.
    In the widget you will get “Section ID”.
    Enter a Unique Section ID. You can use this ID in Menu item for enabling One Page Menu. (Example: ‘section-services’)
    And click on Save to save the setting.

    Set that IDs on Menu Section

    Go to Appearance > Menus
    Create a menu or add the menu items on the existing menu. (It would better if you create a separate menu for it)
    Click on Custom Link menu items. You need custom menu to make one page menu.
    In the URL field, please enter the Section ID(#section-services). Don’t forget to enter ‘#’ before the section name. Section name must match with the widget Section ID.
    Add the menu items on the menu.
    Checked on ‘One Page menu for Front page’
    Click on ‘Save’ to save the menu.

    Hope the menu that you assigned will work for you.
    Let us know, if you have any confusion.

    P.S. Please remove the existing menus and create new menus.

    Warm Regards
    Acme Supports


    Thanks again for your attention
    with my imperfect English I hope to make myself understood

    If I delete any menu, automatically creates a menu with items of the published pages.
    This menu has the space between items of 50 pixels and 35 pixels from the top.

    If I create the new menu (onepage) with the procedure that you have shown me the menu has the space between the voice of 35 pixels and 25 pixels from the top.

    Why is there this difference?

    Thanks again for the time dedicated to the support

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    The menu automatically created is WordPress default functionality. If you want to reduce the gap between the menus items, you need to customize the menu with custom css. We need to check in depth about why is the difference. Well, we will check it and try to find the differences. Can you elaborate us why you want to know the difference? 🙂
    Thank you


    Thanks again
    I like the spacing of the menu that is given automatically, is more centered and aligned, and I would like to also equal in onepage menu.

    I wanted to know the difference because they do not understand how this thing can be born by creating an automated menu and a menu onepage they should be equal according to the css rules.

    Anyway I will try to adapt by changing the css, cmq if you can understand why let me know.

    Thanks again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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