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  • canadidan

    I think my last post got held for moderation. Probably posted too many links?

    Anyway, since I can’t DM you:

    Are you able to post anything at all? Such as a new blog entry? I have a gross workaround, but it helps you avoid reinstalling the whole site.

    1. Export the customizer settings as before
    2. Create a child theme as per Acme themes instructions:
    3. Alternatively, if you trust a random dude on the internet (you never should) you can take the prepared package I made here the other day:
    4. The child theme does not inherit customizer settings. So you can active the child theme, and import the settings you exported in step 1.

    I hope this helps.


    One thing I might try (hopefully you get my idea):

    1) Export the theme customizer settings using the Customizer Import/Export plugin
    2) Reset the theme customzation (either in the MySQL DB, or some other way I’m forgetting)
    3) Re-import the theme customizer settings

    Maybe there is some legacy parameter that is causing the theme to hangup, but by exporting and reimporting only valid settings, it will work again?


    I tested this on my server (I reported the bug that triggered that update). I’m using the free version.

    I am able to change the colour without issue. I am also able to reorder the slider and add/remove slides.

    Have you tried reinstalling the plugin? Maybe something went wrong during extraction/download.


    Thank you for the very quick response!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)