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  • in reply to: Mobile layout #4589

    Checking in on the status on this request. The layout is terrible on an iPhone as you scroll down. I am also having problems on a Samsung tablet, the page is not loading while I am currently on the site on my computer. Anything that can be done to escalate this would be appreciated. Thanks!

    in reply to: Update Error #4604

    Hello! By chance do you have an update as to when the autoupdate will be available? I am still using the older version and want to get updated as soon as possible. I am concerned that FTP will wipe all the content, or formatting and can’t afford to take that chance on potentially losing anything in the process. Thanks so much!

    in reply to: Main (home) Page Question #4609

    Thanks! Used it before and started getting spam-like traffic to the site suddenly after implementing it, so, went back to the SEO I’ve used previously. I think I figured out the issue… the old home page content is still there (under the Acme home page, somehow). I have to update that old page presumably to have it show the different info. Thanks!!

    in reply to: Main (home) Page Question #4611

    Thanks again! By Chance do you know what this means? this is from:

    caution-solidWarnings That Should Be Fixed
    Inferred Property
    The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.
    Object Missing a Required Value
    Object at URL ‘’ of type ‘website’ is invalid because a required property ‘og:title’ of type ‘string’ was not provided.

    in reply to: Main (home) Page Question #4612

    OK Thanks! I know about changing the image in Facebook, but it usually doesn’t link to the page, it links just to the picture, but I will check out clearing the cache now. Thank you very much for your quick support and time!

    in reply to: PHP Version and PHP Memory Limits #4633

    Thanks icryptic and acmethemes. I still have to talk back with my hosting provider to find out more of what they’re meaning, I am not the best designer (myself), so I am not all that sure. All I know is the main page of our site ( takes longer to load for some reason than any other page. Not sure if I have way too much content on there or what, but it seems to take a good minute to pull up.

    in reply to: PHP Version and PHP Memory Limits #4638

    Thank you very much!

    As I am told, each author of each plugin (and presumably themes as well), write their plugins and themes with their own php versions and memory limits. Do you know what your version and limits are for the SuperMagoPro theme and all the plugins within it? The information in the links only tells me what wordpress is, not your theme.

    Thank you very much!

    in reply to: Feature Slider Image Blurred (reopened) #4668

    OK… now I see what you are saying and have corrected it. I am a bit confused though because the 300×300 was for the medium size images and I had large already set to 840×480. Either way, I changed the medium size to the 840×480 also and the slider image is looking great now.

    Sorry for the frustration, but this one was confusing since the image size was correct and wasn’t displaying correctly.

    Thank you very much! This matter can now be closed. Thanks!

    in reply to: Feature Slider Image Blurred (reopened) #4670

    OK, now I am getting beyond frustrated here!

    I KNOW how to resize images and am telling you the image IS 840×480. I do NOT know where you are getting 300×300, but I just RE-confirmed that the images and I re-uploaded are still 840×480 showing in our media library at 840×480.

    Perhaps there is a problem with your slider?????

    in reply to: Feature Slider Image Blurred (reopened) #4672

    OK. I went through and resized 3 images that are being used as featured images on the main page of our site at and 2 of them are still quite distorted and the 3rd is better but still not as sharp as the original image. I am sorry to say that this is getting quite frustrating and while I don’t know all the work that is involved to make this happen, it is hard to understand why this is such a hard issue to correct.

    Here are the article names of the images that I resized that are viewable on the slider on the main page of our site:

    The Wild Feathers Live at Bottom Lounge – VERY DISTORTED
    REVIEW: Reformed Whores Live at Zanies Comedy Club – VERY DISTORTED
    There’s More Gear Than Ever – What Do You Need? – Not as sharp

    So, each image, I resized to 840×480 and re-uploaded them as a fresh image and like I said, 2 of them are still very distorted and the other is a little dull and blurry.

    In each case, I also used the image fix option too, so, something is not right here.

    Please escalate this case as it has been going on for a few weeks and is affecting more than one person.

    Thank you very much!

    Dennis M. Kelly
    Chicago Music Guide

    in reply to: Feature Slider Image Blurred (reopened) #4676

    Good morning,

    OK, I just went through my entire media library and I do not have a 300×300 sized version of that photo coming up. I see it in the link you provided, but that is not what I am using for the featured (slider) image. The picture I am talking about is this one: DSC_6549aa.jpg and it is 2048 × 1365 and I use the fix image option on each image I upload ever since I first heard about it and it still comes out distorted and stretched on the slider, but looks perfectly fine on the target page.

    in reply to: Feature Slider Image Blurred (reopened) #4678

    Hello, thank you!

    The images are all on the main page ( but for example, I just published a new page for a Japanese band called Tempalay and the featured image is 2048 X 1365 and this image (in the slider) is all stretched and distorted. Please can we get this fixed soon, it looks terrible the way it is right now.

    Thank you very much!

    in reply to: Shortcodes for widgets? #4703

    Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

    I just tried it out and it definitely looks like exactly what I have been looking for, but the site started timing out while testing it. I cannot say for sure if it was the plugin yet or not, but upon deactivating the plugin, the site is behaving normally again. So, it would seem that it [may] not be compatible. I may try it again at a later date/time to confirm, but not today, I have too much to do.

    I sincerely appreciate the support!

    in reply to: Shortcodes for widgets? #4705

    Thank you! This should be standard with the theme actually, it seems odd that they would only be available on the main page. As it is, I’ve had to use a different plugin just to get the other pages to look reasonably consistent with the rest of the site, but it should have a full consistency throughout the whole site. It shouldn’t require a customization order to complete the theme. Much appreciated!

    in reply to: Feature Slider img blurred #4715

    Thank you! The files are larger sizes than the 660×365 and they are showing up blurring, only on the featured slider though, they appear perfectly (for me) everywhere else.

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