We are here with new site design

www.acmethemes.com comes with new layout and design. You feel some changes on design on overall of our site. Due to some added features and design, the site look like this. Some changes on our site are:
1. Design of Home page
2. Design of Themes page
3. Cart page as well as checkout page
4. And other inner pages too

We also added the some functionality on our site. They are as follows:
1. Automatic Updates (Check here for automatic updates)
2. Extended theme license for developers(Check here for details)
3. and other some minor functionality too.

Note: If you are unable to access the support forum with existing password, we request you to reset the password and login. we are so sorry for this.
If you faced any problem while purchasing theme or any type of problem, please contact us or come on live chat. We are here to help you.

Thanks for your understanding.

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