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20+ Best Free Education WordPress Themes for 2019

best free education wordpress themes

Education shapes a solid foundation for every individual in their life. Educational institute such as school, campus, university is where we get a good education. The quality of good education is what every parent want for their kids and young people want for their future career. And all of them are always curious to find the best education institute, school, college and universities in their area. So, here we have listed some of the best free education WordPress themes for all. As every business are considered to have an online presence education sector are among the ones which are always high on demand. Every individual wants to know which is the best school, college, and universities in their area. Educational […]

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15+ Best Free WordPress Travel Themes for 2019

best free wordpress travel themes

Travel & Tour industry is a fast forward ongoing business in today’s hectic world. Travelling is one of the important and fun parts of an individual’s life. Everybody loves traveling and visiting new places in their country or outside. There is a numerous number of places in the world which are beyond our knowledge. For that, travel companies are being established to let people be aware of the most distinct and famous places worldwide. To let these travel companies show the globe what they have to offer we have prepared this article where we will discuss about free WordPress travel themes. As we know that there are lots of travel company growing rapidly and to run their business effectively in […]

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10+ Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes for 2019

best free restaurant worpress themes

Restaurant, cafe and coffee shops are one of the trending business of today’s world and they are increasing more and more bringing new kind of special dishes and recipes. But many people are not aware with the latest new food and recipe or a restaurant. So, an online presence is required to get people updated. Keeping that in mind we have put forward this article where we have listed some best free restaurant WordPress themes. Every restaurant owners must have a thought of having a professional website of their business and let people around the world know about it. Well, who wouldn’t want to. In fact, a website has become a necessity for every business to flourish. People are so […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 is here: Grab the Exciting Deal!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday is approaching near and is already creating a huge buzz. Yes, most of us are familiar with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday super sale. A grand celebration where heavy discounts are offered by different companies on their products. This year’s Black Friday falls on November 23 which is the day after US Thanksgiving. Likewise, another important event Cyber Monday falls on November 26. On this special occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, Acme Themes has a big and amazing offer for all. That’s right we are giving out a grand discount on all our premium themes. Here is the deal:- Discount Offered: 40% Off on all Premium WordPress Themes Discount Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2018 Date […]

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25+ Best Free WordPress Business Themes for 2019


Business owners are most likely to be very concerned about the current state of their business. Of course, every business owners of all kind whether small, medium or big would want to enhance their business and advanced it to the next level. One of the most prominent ways to promote any business is having a professional website. Yes, the online presence of a company matters a lot. It not only lets people around the world know about their presence but also helps a lot in reaching to its potential clients. WordPress themes are well-known around the globe for its simplicity and high quality and WordPress being the best platform for building a website instantly. Talking about WordPress themes, users should be […]

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15+ Best Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2019

best free wordpress blog themes

Blogging simply means writing articles, stories and tales in a website to share it among others. We have professional bloggers who constantly blog for a particular company or a cause as their profession. Also, there is non-professional bloggers or amateur bloggers who blog frequently as a hobby. One thing is for sure a perfect and elegant looking website is what every blogger search for at the beginning of initiating their blogging website. Yes, it is an absolute important matter that a website should be a pleasant and catchy one to make the viewers or readers get attract to your site and stay there for a longer period of time. Therefore, they should be aware of the best free WordPress blog themes […]

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Halloween 2018 Special Offer: Get 30% discount on all Pro Themes


Halloween 2018 is here. Let’s celebrate it with joy as we are giving out 30% discount on all our premium themes. Yes, Halloween is here. This spooky and fun international festival which falls on October 31st each year is celebrated widely throughout the world. To make it better we are offering a 30% discount on all of our premium themes. Something to know about Halloween Generally, people celebrate this famous festival Halloween widely among many countries on the day of October 31st. They decorate their house, shops, offices and many other places with interesting decorations around the house, shops, and offices. As this festival is related to ghosts, spirits and creepy people so people decorate themselves as ghosts to look scary. […]

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15+ Best Free Fitness WordPress Themes for 2019

free gym fitness wordpress theme

Being fit & healthy is the utmost important thing for every individual. In order to be productive all the time staying active and energetic is necessary both physically and mentally. People engage in doing lots of exercises, play outdoor games, aerobics, Zumba, salsa and many other modern techniques to stay fit throughout the day. Fitness centers and clubs are opening rapidly in different places. In Western countries, it is found at almost every place since staying fit is the basic and most essential thing there. Likewise, many countries in different parts of the world are having more and more of such clubs reside in every part of the area. However, in today’s tech era just having a physical presence does not […]

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Fitness Hub: Trending Fitness WordPress Theme

fitness hub trending fitness wordpress theme

Fitness Center is undoubtedly the most popular ongoing business, as staying fit and healthy is important to be vigorous and energetic in life. There is a numerous number of fitness club & gym center available in different places. With the social demand to be actively fit all the time, these clubs are increasing rapidly in a fast pace. In present days, the online world is a vital thing than any other. Every profession field is online today’s competitive world. That’s because it is one of easy, time saving and effective method to grow one’s business. Whether it’s just a small gym club or a big one any kind of such a club needs a website to be recognized within in the market. Hence, […]

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Acme Themes wishes everyone a very Happy Dashain 2018!


Dashain 2018 has arrived! Just like each year Dashain 2018 is here bringing rejoice and ecstasy in the lives of people. Dashain also was known as Vijaya Dashami is the most auspicious and biggest festival of Hindu culture. It is celebrated widely in Nepal by every Nepalese of any kind of caste and race. It is also celebrated in some parts of India(Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling district) and among Lhotshampa of Bhutan and the Burmanese Gurkhas of Myanmar. In India, it is termed as Dashera. Generally, Dashain is the celebration of the Goddess Durga that’s why it is also called Durga Pooja. This festival mostly falls in the month of September or October each year which usually starts from Shukla […]

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