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Acme Themes wishes everyone a very Happy Dashain 2018!


Dashain 2018 has arrived! Just like each year Dashain 2018 is here bringing rejoice and ecstasy in the lives of people. Dashain also was known as Vijaya Dashami is the most auspicious and biggest festival of Hindu culture. It is celebrated widely in Nepal by every Nepalese of any kind of caste and race. It is also celebrated in some parts of India(Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling district) and among Lhotshampa of Bhutan and the Burmanese Gurkhas of Myanmar. In India, it is termed as Dashera. Generally, Dashain is the celebration of the Goddess Durga that’s why it is also called Durga Pooja. This festival mostly falls in the month of September or October each year which usually starts from Shukla […]

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Updated Official Site AcmeThemes dot com : See What’s New

What’s new in the recently updated acmethemes.com? We are excited to announce that Acme Themes has recently updated its official website. It looks more stunning and proficient than ever before. It aims to provide its viewers with a delightful experience through its new trendy and tremendous layout design. The site has been well constructed with high maintenance with a motive to make it more informative and pleasing. Let’s explore what’s new in the latest updates. Home Page It has new and layout design for its homepage. The animated featured image on the front page is the main attraction along with the design. Latest and chic icons add more to the beauty of the site. Themes Check out the new improved and appealing theme page […]

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Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Looking for ideal WordPress themes to build an online store? There are numerous platforms available on the market. Among them, WooCommerce appears to be the preferred choice between the general public.WooCommerce is an open source plugin for WordPress framework based on e-commerce. Its recognized as one of the best and powerful plugins for the e-commerce platform. Generally, it comprises various optimized functionalities to run an e-commerce website tremendously. It is well known that WordPress is a free open source software. Most of the themes in WordPress have high compatibility with WooCommerce.There are a numerous number of WordPress themes which is integrated with WooCommerce. Probably, its the only most popular plugin for WordPress on the market today. You can find an abundance of WordPress themes […]

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Pros and Cons of Free and Premium WordPress theme

Are you in confusion for Pros and Cons of free and premium WordPress theme? The free theme here we are going to mention is WordPress.org listed theme. Pro theme is from various marketplaces like acmethemes, template sell, ThemeForest, mojo market etc. We would like to request you to use the free theme only from the trusted places like WordPress.org. We don’t recommend you to use the theme from other unreliable sources. Pros of Free WordPress Themes It’s Free and sometimes needs to pay for the updates. Due to limited features, it operates faster. Strict Review Process, so that it’s really secure. Regular updates are available, sometimes products must be from a trusted developer. Easy to use due to limited theme options. […]

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