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Hello Jaana,
Thank you so much for using our theme Corporate Plus. Please find the best answer for all your questions here below:
1. Please read this blog post to know how to make one page site. Hope this post will help you to make the site as our demo.
2. Please follow the link above for it as well. You have more post about this theme here. Please check it.
3. You need to make your site as one page site. Please create one page site.
4. This theme is based on Child/Parent Pages. Parent Page will be the selector and its child page content will appear on front end. Look on this link here for more details.
5. This feature for disabling the link on services section is only available on the premium version of this theme. Please check the premium version here. Otherwise you need to customize the theme.
6. This options for removing Read More is only available on it’s premium version. Please check premium version on details.

Hope, you understand everything and hope you can make your awesome site.

Warm Regards
Acme Supports