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How to add dummy content on WordPress

Import dummy content on WordPress

Are you in trouble about how to add dummy content on WordPress Sites? We used to share information regarding WordPress to provide our visitors and clients for their easiness to develop WordPress sites. With this blog post, we are going to share about how to add the Dummy XML content while developing the sites. Most of the users used Plugin to add the dummy content, but this is not the ideal solution. Here we are going to show about how we can add the dummy content without a plugin. Get Dummy XML Data: You can get the Dummy Content From Here. Copy the content of is page and make an XML file. Example: dummy.xml Import Process: Please follow the below […]

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AWP Giveaway Winners and our Contribution

What is the AWP Giveaway Winners and Contribution? AWP (Advanced WordPress), is a Facebook group with 21K+ members. A couple of Months ago, AWP admin started an event named, Giveaway. As per the admin, this giveaway will be a full-fledged WordPress treasure box with products and services. The winners will get access to these amazing products for free. AWP is probably the biggest and most incredible WordPress Facebook group for developers. Knowledge sharing, problem solutions and recent updates about WordPress can get easily there. Experts WordPress used to help each other on the problems so that this group is one of the helpful group for WordPress developers. From the day of this event started, many WordPress theme company, plugin company, hosting […]

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Data Validation and Sanitization with WordPress

What is Data Validation and Sanitization with WordPress? 1. Data Validation: Validation is to ensure data correctness and usefulness. Untrusted data comes from many sources (users, third party sites, your own database etc.) and all of it needs to be validated both on input and output. Proper security is critical to keeping your site or that of your theme or plugins safe. Validation simply means the checks that are run to ensure the data you have is, what it should be. For example, The email address always contains @ sign. If the input email is without the @ sign it is invalid. So the proper or valid email address should be entered on email field. Another example is that, while […]

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Google Map API Key

How to generate Google Map API Key? Please follow the below steps to generate your own Google Map API Key: Go to Under Google, Maps APIs choose Google Maps JavaScript API Enable the API. Go to the credentials section tab to the left. Choose to create Credentials. Choose API Key from the popup, and then choose the browser key from the proceeding popup. Give the name of Browser API Key Replace the YOUR_API_KEY with your own API key obtained Concluding, Hope you find this blog helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below:

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How to change the post publish date on WordPress?

Want to know about changing the post publish date on WordPress? Whether you made some major changes on your blog post and want to make the blog post fresh, you can edit the publish date of that blog. If you want to change the order of blog post on the blog page, you can manage it by changing the blog published date also. The recent blog post will appear at the top and other is below respectively. WordPress dashboard provides you the features to change the published date of a post. The process is simple, secure and does not alter your post’s contents and formatting. It only changes the date of the published post. Step 1: Login on your site […]

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