August 2016 - Acme Themes

AWP Giveaway Winners and our Contribution

What is the AWP Giveaway Winners and Contribution? AWP (Advanced WordPress), is a Facebook group with 21K+ members. A couple of Months ago, AWP admin started an event named, Giveaway. As per the admin, this giveaway will be a full-fledged WordPress treasure box with products and services. The winners will get access to these amazing products […]

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Data Validation and Sanitization with WordPress

What is Data Validation and Sanitization with WordPress? 1. Data Validation: Validation is to ensure data correctness and usefulness. Untrusted data comes from many sources (users, third party sites, your own database etc.) and all of it needs to be validated both on input and output. Proper security is critical to keeping your site or […]

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