How to add dummy content on WordPress

Are you in trouble about how to add dummy content on WordPress Sites?

We used to share information regarding WordPress to provide our visitors and clients for their easiness to develop WordPress sites. With this blog post, we are going to share about how to add the Dummy XML content while developing the sites. Most of the users used Plugin to add the dummy content, but this is not the ideal solution. Here we are going to show about how we can add the dummy content without a plugin.

Get Dummy XML Data:
You can get the Dummy Content From Here. Copy the content of is page and make an XML file. Example: dummy.xml

Import Process:
Please follow the below process to import data:
1. Go to Tools > Import
2. Select WordPress and Install it.
3. Click on Activate and Run Importer
4. Upload the `dummy.xml` file.
5. Click on `Upload File and Import`.
6. Select the User and checked on ` Download and import file attachments`.
7. Click on `Submit` button and wait until all the data imported.

Are You Using Acme Themes Products?

If you are using the theme of Acme Themes, all the products of Acme Themes are now available with dummy data. You can get free theme and premium theme both with dummy data. You can make the site as a demo with a single click. Isn’t that interesting?
You can follow the respected theme documentation to know how to import the dummy data on your site. Some of the free theme having dummy data are as follows:

1. Education Base
2. SuperMag
3. SuperNews
4. Mercantile
5. AcmePhoto
6. DuperMag
7. Infinite Photography
8. Corporate Plus
9. AcmeBlog
10. Weblog

We hope, this blog post will help you to import the dummy content and helps you to make your site awesome.
Have Fun !! 🙂