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How to use Typography Options in WordPress?

how to use typography option

Do you want to know how to use the Typography Options in WordPress? Tired of using the same old boring font and wishing to give your website a new and fresh look. You might have wondered of changing the font, font-family, font-size etc in your WordPress site. Well, WordPress has a special feature named Typography. If you are familiar with WordPress and are its regular user then you must have heard of the feature Typography. It is basically a feature in WordPress which allow its user to change the font style, font family and size of their default fonts in some other style of your choice. In Acme themes, you will find typography option in its live customizer where you can update […]

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Fitness Hub: Trending Fitness WordPress Theme

fitness hub trending fitness wordpress theme

Fitness Center is undoubtedly the most popular ongoing business, as staying fit and healthy is important to be vigorous and energetic in life. There is a numerous number of fitness club & gym center available in different places. With the social demand to be actively fit all the time, these clubs are increasing rapidly in a fast pace. In present days, the online world is a vital thing than any other. Every profession field is online today’s competitive world. That’s because it is one of easy, time saving and effective method to grow one’s business. Whether it’s just a small gym club or a big one any kind of such a club needs a website to be recognized within in the market. Hence, […]

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How to Add Additional Custom CSS in WordPress?

How to add Custom CSS in WordPress

Do you know how to add Additional Custom CSS in WordPress? Have you ever wondered if you could alter the layout design of a WordPress site? Though it has a live customizer and anyone can modify the theme. But certain things are there by default and it can’t be changed. To solve this issue there is a feature in WordPress called Additional CSS.  This feature will let you can add your CSS code inside the theme which will override the original CSS and will make changes accordingly. So, how are going to do that? Well, in this article I am going to show you to add additional custom CSS in WordPress. First of all, Log in to your WordPress and open your […]

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Tags in WordPress

A tag is one of the predefined taxonomy of WordPress where users can add their own tags like the category in WordPress post. The category covers the wide range of post where tags cover the narrow range of that specific category. One category may have more than one tags. Tags are somehow similar to the keywords used in the posts. Categories and Tags offer the great opportunity for engagement and traffic on your site by helping visitors to find the similar or related post. In WordPress, if the user doesn’t select the category, the post will be automatically filed in the default category. But in the case of Tags, you need to make tags yourself and no any default tags […]

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WordPress 4.9 – Think before you update your WordPress sites

WordPress is one of the popular CMS (Content Management System). According to the recent survey, 29% of the total websites are built with WordPress and covers 45% of total CMS. WordPress is a free and open source with 100% GPL compatible. For security reason, to introduce user-friendly features and many more genuine reasons, WordPress releases its updates regularly. Due to the largest WordPress community, WordPress core version 4.9 is now available with many improved features and experience. WordPress 4.9 is a major update so – Think before you update your WordPress sites to this version. What are the exciting features of WordPress 4.9? In this blog, I am going to share about these exciting features. The main things changed in this […]

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Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Sites – Users Identify Your Website Easily

Favicon is the short form of Favorite Icon. Favicon or site icon is a tiny image that appears before the site title on the web browser. It is a small but very significant part of branding your website. It helps your visitor or users to identify your website easily. Visitor or users who are familiar with your site icons, they recognized your site with the help of that icon. Recommended size for the favicon is 512*512. If users browse multiple tabs at once, the favicon is the best tool to identify your website tab. User referring favicon to get your website tab. Steps to add Favicon on your WordPress website:- You can add favicon or site icons via the admin […]

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How to Change Date & Time Format on Your WordPress Site

Date & change Time Format on Your WordPress Site

By default, WordPress supports 5 different formats of date and 4 different formats of time via the dashboard. WordPress comes with the built-in function to change the date and time format and it’s very easy to change the format. You can change the date and time format on your WordPress site by going to Settings > General. Login to your website dashboard Go to Settings > General Scroll down to Date Format Section Select the available options for your Date format Select time format on the Time Format section. If the selection is fine, click Save Changes below to save the changes. You can see the examples there before choosing the option. If you want to make the custom Date […]

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How to Enable Excerpt field on Post Page of WordPress?

WordPress has two default post type called Post and Page. Post are displayed in reverse chronological order from latest to oldest on your blog page or home page. Each time you publish the post it will appear on the blog page. If you want to change the order of the published post, you can simply change the post published date. On the other hand, pages are stand-alone content especially used for About Us, Contact, and Information pages. Pages are not repeated like the post and each page has its own content and use. In this blog post, I am only going to share how to enable the excerpt field on page/post via Screen Options. In WordPress page and post dashboard have […]

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Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress is a powerful CMS and best blogging platform due to its flexibility and user-friendly design and features. WordPress has easily customizable options, thousands of free and premium themes for blog and support environment so that WordPress powers 36% of the total website on today’s date. WordPress was popular mainly on blogging platform but nowadays, WordPress can build each and every type of website.  In this blog post, I am going to introduce 20+ free WordPress blog themes of 2020. All the below-listed themes are free. Try the best and suitable theme based on your choice and start blogging today. You can change the website layout easily with the help of the below-listed themes as well. Best Free WordPress Blog […]

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Make your Website SEO Friendly

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a good strategy used by website owners to get more traffic on their sites through the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. SEO helps to creating your website that has optimized code and formatting which make it easy for search engines to find your websites. You must need to make your website SEO friendly for getting high traffic and organic users. When people search the topic on search engines & if your website have the same topic and content, search engines will indexed your sites on search results. If your site listed on search results, the chances of clicking by the visitor will be high. So, maintaining SEO […]

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