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How To Make Image Gallery on Page/Post

Do you want to make the gallery on the Page/Post of your site? WordPress has its own gallery features, you can easily implement on your site page and post. Please follow the below steps to make the gallery. 1. Go to Page/Post 2. Add New Page/Post 3. Give the title of the Page/Post (Example: Gallery) 4. Insert the Media(Images) to the gallery. First Step: Second Step: Third Step: Fourth Step: If you still have the confusion, please post your query on the support forum. http://www.acmethemes.com/supports/ Please share your thoughts in the comment section below:

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Logo Options Moved Into Site Identity

Are you looking for logo options inside the Header Options of customize? If you are using the latest version of WordPress 4.5, and if you are looking at this options inside there, you will not get it there. You have to go inside Site Identity to find the logo options. Because WordPress added this functionality on the core and we moved this options inside the Site Identity. Due to the WordPress core implementation, we feel necessary and change this functionality inside the Site Identity. To find this options: Go to Admin Panel Go to Appearance > Customize >  Site Identity > Logo Upload/Remove the logo from there You will find Site title and Identity options or logo options too Use the available […]

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