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Tips for Creating Quality Backlinks for SEO of a Website


Tips for creating quality backlinks for SEO of a website Backlinks are still one of the important factors in the ranking on the search engine, especially Google. If you are required to do the SEO for getting some organic traffic for your site, generating backlinks is the fact that should be considered at first. The more you get the backlinks from high-quality sites, the more you will appear in the eyes of the search engine. Moreover, you will get better position in the Search engine result page. Nowadays, third-party references no longer have an incredible reputation and are often associated with interface spamming, but this should not be the case. Things to consider when getting a backlink from a high […]

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Data Migration: Magento to WooCommerce Pitfalls


Are you part of the many businesses that use Magento as their leading eCommerce platform? If so, you’ve probably been hit with a difficult decision recently. It may be time to switch your solution to another service. While you may find the switch worth it considering how easy-to-use WooCommerce is in comparison to Magento, migrating from Magento to another service like WooCommerce can be tricky and error-prone. How do you know that all your data from your previous platform transfers over completely to the new one? What if a third-party plugin your company relies on fails to function the same way in WooCommerce? Even if you do use a migration plugin or service, will it work enough for your purposes? […]

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Your Guide to Thoroughly Backing up Your WordPress Site

You’ve done all your research, found the perfect plugins and theme, written the best content, and are ready to hit publish on your WordPress site. But wait! You’ve almost certainly forgotten the most important thing – backing it up. This is especially important if you run an e-commerce site. Nothing ruins the customer experience quite like a website suddenly becoming inaccessible, or being down for an extended period of time. Before you do anything else, it’s time to sort out a backup solution. What is a Backup?  A backup is, at its simplest, a copy of all relevant files saved in an alternative location. It’s the equivalent of saving an important document to both your personal laptop and cloud storage. […]

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Best Astra Websites Examples


In our previous blog post, we talked in detail about Astra vs CosmosWP vs OceanWP. If you loved Astra more than the other themes and want to build a website with it, we have collected some of the best websites build with Astra WordPress themes. Astra, or WP Astra, is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes with over 900,000+ active installations. You can use your favorite page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder with this multi-purpose WordPress theme to build almost any kind of website easily and instantly. Here, is the list of Best Astra websites examples to inspire you with a design or feature to build your website. We have included both popular websites and small websites that have […]

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How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress


Are you getting a 403 Forbidden error on your WordPress website? Getting this message on your WordPress website can be quite frightful experience, especially if you are a WordPress beginner. Here, we will talk about what causes a 403 Forbidden error on websites and how to deal with them. What is a 403 Forbidden – Access Denied Error in WordPress? 403 Forbidden – Access Denied Error is a kind of error that is shown when your server does not give permission to access a specific webpage of your website. Let’s see some of the most common 403 Forbidden error situations. 403 Forbidden on wp-admin 403 Forbidden on WordPress installation process 403 Forbidden on a certain page of your website What […]

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How to Add Different Post Layouts in Gutenberg with ZeGuten?


How to Apply and Customize Gutenberg Addons Layouts Have you ever wondered about the bespoke website, which will be totally under comparison? If yes – meet ZeGuten plugin, a new must-have ultra-fast and multipurpose tool, perfect for adding blocks with rich functionality to any page built with Gutenberg. This Gutenberg block plugin contains 11 Blocks, such as circle progress, countdown timer, advanced map, blurbs and a lot more. Gutenberg block plugins is one of the most important and common topics of discussion around the WordPress subject because the Gutenberg editor is inbuilt since the 5.0 version. That is why it might be quite hard to be ahead of the flow and create a distinctive website, whether it is a fitness […]

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How to Choose a WordPress Theme to Build a Customer-focused Website


As a WordPress professional for more than three years, I can tell you there are plenty of things that make your website stand out in a bad way.  But, how do you move past mediocre and get it to catch the visitors’ attention firmly? That’s the burning question, a question that is often discussed but barely settled. A right WordPress theme with the right content would make your website stand out from the rest. It would make your visitors keep engaged in your site for hours or encourage your customers to make a purchase from your website. So, what makes a theme right for your website? A theme that helps your website turn into something that addresses the needs of […]

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How to Create a WordPress Website in 5 Easy Steps in 2024

how to create wordpress website

Today, everyone is going online. From small stores to big supermarkets, they are already expanding their online-based customer. As there are a growing number of people on the internet, you have to be found on the internet. The popularity of the Internet has prompted businesses of all sizes to have an online presence in the form of a Website. You now are no more a local vendor. You can reach millions of customers across the globe with the help of the internet. To reach to global audiences, the best way is to build a website that can be accessed from every corner of the globe. Building a website is not a big deal in today’s time! Back in the old […]

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