Importance of online presence for small businesses

Importance of online presence for small businesses

Today, this world of information and technology has become so huge that a person cannot detach themselves from it. Online business is growing so rapidly. The presence of online in business has made a remarkable change to companies as well. A strong online presence can skyrocket your business.

Why is online Presence necessary?    

In the digital age, getting your company online will have many benefits whether it’s a website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page, or a combination of all three. The potential customers, customers will look through online platforms to book an appointment or gain some information first as it is a lot easier and time-saving rather than coming to your store. In this electronic era, more people search online for products and services and you may be losing out on an opportunity to gain customers.

An online presence is important for outgoing marketing as it strengthens the brands and helps them reach the target audiences.

Let’s begin with some of the important topics that help you understand:

Listing business on Google 

Statistics show that 85% of all consumers make purchase decisions online before walking into any store or place of business. This is the most important reason why your business needs to be found online. People also look for the products they want to buy online first.

It generally starts with traditional advertising and not necessarily your own. It could be your competitors’ ads planting the seed in a customer’s mind that they need a product or service you have to offer.

Once they have a need, customers go online and do research. If they can’t find you online, your competitor gets your business because they can be found online and you can’t.c  Building a Personal Brand Online

Today, startups are building a personal brand online sitting in a small room as they take advantage of the tools and attention made available by social media. Just look at Kylie Jenner, who built perhaps one of the fastest-growing companies in history, Kylie Cosmetics. She’s on her way to being a billion-dollar company in a couple of years. And she’s only 21 years old.  If you want to accelerate your business growth, building up your online presence is highly encouraged.

Accumulate a wider audience

After you set up your online business on social media platforms or websites, the online presence allows the customers to come to you. Even when you’ve been outside business hours or when you’re closed, your customers will be able to purchase online and pay online for your goods too. It’s been very easy as you do not have to guard your company/ store anymore. Has it ever been this easy before? Even if the customer cannot physically come to you, you’ll reach them through online marketing.

Create Brand Recognition

One of the mottos of a business is gaining brand recognition as customers want to go for a brand they recognize. As online marketing helps you gain more audiences as well as customers, it can get your brand in front of people much easier and quicker. One of the best ways is to put your brand logo strategically on your website and make sure it’s not overwhelming or distracting.

Effortless Marketing

Setting up a virtual version with a welcoming, informative website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account will help you target your audience and engage many more people in your business. Customers will be able to browse your product and ensure they like it or not without feeling pressure from the sales associations. It will help you build a potential customer’s trust in your company or products. 

Builds Relationships

Social media gives you the opportunity to connect to the targeted audience and helps you connect a beautiful relationship. Social Media helps you make your company more humanly and relatable too. Thus, customers can interact with your company on a personal level.  Your company can also be able to connect with more people personally and take their suggestions which will help your company grow at a professional level gradually.

Easier to showcase products and services

Building your company online will give your business an effective platform for showcasing what you have to offer for your customers. Whether you have to let your customers know about your new products or the new service you’ve to offer, you can just add a post or update your followers about it. It has never been so easy, just show your products without the consumption of more time. Through Social media platforms, you can show the world what you’ve to offer even outside of business hours. Online presence is an addition to your brand which never sleeps.

Improves Customer Service

Social media helps you directly connect to your customers. Those customers review your product and let you know how exactly your product is doing. They’ll also suggest you make the changes wherever necessary. The feedback from the customers helps you address complaints or resolve issues too.

Building Long-term relationships with customers

Being online you can have access to a very large audience. If you’re able to satisfy your customer with your products/brand this will lead you to gain trust from the customer. Which results in your customers coming for your brand again and again. You should be in touch with your customers, share experiences, and let them know about products incoming.

Positioning yourself as an expert in your field is necessary to build trust, credibility, and a reputation. A business that has an online presence is likely to receive more traffic just by simply being there. Online marketing helps to reach more customers, subsequently, the marketing improves and the number of leads generated is more.

If you have no online presence whatsoever, then you don’t exist in the eyes of those whom you’re trying to reach. This applies not only to businesses but also to non-profits and individuals. And with 85% of all buying decisions being made online, you can’t afford NOT to build your online presence.


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