Overcome Every Obstacle, Like These Five Jobs Did, During Coronavirus

Not even the largest businesses were able to withstand the impact of Covid-19. A pandemic that changed the rules of the game in 2020, which locked us in our homes, paralyzed the economy, which continues to end the lives of many people today. The coronavirus and its aftermath have been difficult circumstances for everyone, especially for retail businesses, which already had lower average sales due to the growth of online purchases.

Everything has become a difficult test for companies, even social distancing. Capacity restrictions and separation between users prevent many businesses from receiving more customers. A Bloomberg study listed 340 firms that went bankrupt from the coronavirus. In that list, names such as Roby Tuesday, Hertz, ABA Transportation, Avianca Holdings, among others, stood out.

We know that the companies most affected were entertainment and tourism, which had millions in losses in the first months of the pandemic. But did you know that many jobs had an incredible year in terms of their economic growth? Take a look at these five most resilient jobs for 2020.

Doctors and Nurses


A predictable position. In addition to being the professionals in the tremendous coronavirus demand, doctors already had some of the United States’ highest salaries. Doctors, specialists, and nurses were the true heroes of this pandemic. The level of academic readiness and risk are the two main reasons why these jobs obtained the highest salaries in 2020.
The demand for doctors not only increased due to Covid-19 infections but in all aspects. In this period, thousands of users began to consult online with their mental health specialists. Besides, home doctors also grew faster, especially for rapid coronavirus tests and therapies.

Mobile Software Development


Cell phone and mobile device use increased dramatically in the era of coronavirus. Many tech companies took advantage of the lockdown to invest in more programmers. Mobile software development was a job with very high demand and stable salaries in the pandemic.
A US News study said that a software engineer could earn about $108,000 per year, with some making more than $136,000. These numbers allow us to understand the importance of this work for businesses today. Their role is so in demand that even the pandemic did not alter their salary and jobs.

Online Sales


Do you have any idea of how big online commerce is? In October 2020, a Statista report revealed that retail e-commerce generated $3.54 trillion worldwide, representing 22 percent of the entire retail global economy. The reason for this staggering number is that, due to the virus, thousands of independent merchants and sellers had to close physical stores to sell online. Using the sales platforms helped many merchants keep their jobs and increase their profits.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance-Jobs-Overcome-Every-Obstacle- Like-These-Five-Jobs-Did-During-Coronavirus

Remote work is the safest way to have a job in a pandemic. Freelancers (a community that already had a high percentage of users before Covid-19) took advantage of 2020 to increase their profits and projects. Thanks to platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Workana, and many more, these types of jobs are possible.
In addition to working from home, the main advantage is that these sites offer many job options. The most demanded jobs are digital development, software, creative content, and audiovisual production, among others.

Delivery Drivers


Who brings your online purchases to your home? Exactly: a delivery company. Restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, electronics sales, and all businesses used delivery services to distribute their products.
We are not only talking about small shipments. The drivers of food and drug delivery trucks also had job tenure. Their salaries during the pandemic were resilient and stable like never before, all thanks to the high demand.


The fact that this list has several positions related to the tech industry tells us something important: science and technology are tools to overcome obstacles. These jobs were resilient, but they are continually expanding. That is why more and more people decide to study a tech career to work in this industry.