Pros and Cons of Free and Premium WordPress theme

Are you in confusion about the Pros and Cons of free and premium WordPress themes? The free theme here we are going to mention is listed theme. Pro theme is from various marketplaces like acmethemes, template sell, ThemeForestmojo market, etc. We would like to request you use the free theme only from trusted places like We don’t recommend you use the theme from other unreliable sources.

Pros of Free WordPress Themes

    • It’s Free and sometimes needs to pay for the updates.
    • Due to limited features, it operates faster.
  • Strict Review Process, so that it’s really secure.
  • Regular updates are available, sometimes products must be from a trusted developer.
  • Easy to use due to limited theme options.
  • You can change your site layout frequently because the content will never lose on free themes.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes

  • Limited support options for free themes.
  • Limited Features and Functionality.
  • You may need some coding knowledge for customization.
  • The theme has a similar design, it’s not so unique.
  • No Obligation

Please don’t leave a 1-star rating for a free theme because you didn’t pay anything for this theme. If you are not satisfied with the free theme, you can easily change the theme and there are thousands of free themes available on WordPress.Org. Try others before evaluating the theme you are using.

Pros of Pro WordPress Themes

  • More features and customization options help to make your site as you need. (Better to find the specific theme which may meet your requirements)
  • Support and updates are available regularly and you will have various support options.
  • The pro products are unique and really distinct from other products.

Cons of Pro WordPress Themes

  • Pro theme does not have a strict review process.
  • Due to too many features, the load time is high.
  • Content may lose after the theme switch.
  • Users need better knowledge about the theme, the pro theme is somehow complex for operation.
  • Sometimes all premium theme doesn’t support all plugins. Selected plugins are developed for an individual theme.

A free theme will be perfect while you are in the learning phase about how to use the WordPress themes but using the theme for a professional website the premium themes are the best. There are many pros and cons of using free and premium themes.