Say Hello To Gutentor – The Most Advanced Gutenberg Page Builder

WordPress got its new innovation with Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg lets users design their webpage in a creative and supreme manner. With its block building and editing tools, creating website pages has become much easy than before.

But how about getting more from Gutenberg or let’s say if we get to utilize the Gutenberg functionalities to another advance level. Well, we introduce you to Gutentor a smooth and user-friendly block builder based on Gutenberg.

Gutentor is one of the best Gutenberg Block WordPress Plugins in the Market.

It is the extended block creator for Gutenberg and provides a huge workspace for building your webpage. Use its available blocks to set up your website. It’s absolutely simple to use avoiding the necessity of having technical knowledge.

Websites in modern days demand spectacular and flawless design. Especially in WordPress where a charismatic and highly sophisticated design rules the market. So, let Gutentor serve you on this purpose. Gutentor has a boundless number of features for designing an elegant and lovely website.

Why Gutentor is different from the rest?

Gutentor is seemingly a distinct Block builder for WordPress. It consists of some amazing features that make it a splendid and advance one from others. Below are some it’s unique features:

  • Import Pre-built Demo Templates and Blocks with just a single click.
  • Awesome editing tools for modifying the blocks.
  • Extended use of CSS feature.
  • Advanced Typography Option with a wide range of Google Fonts and System Fonts.
  • Background Option for displaying videos.
  • Impressive carousel option for different blocks.
  • Highly Responsive and SEO friendly.
  • It comes with a quality support service.

Let’s get in detail about blocks in Gutentor. Gutentor offers 26 awesome blocks. They are all unique and latest in trend and are generally useful in all kinds of websites.

About Block

You can give a small description of anything whether a person or any product. Also, put any title, description or image.


Make your FAQ section more appealing and organized with the Accordion block.

Advanced Columns

The Advanced Columns lets its users enjoy the feature of using a variety of advanced column options. It consists of lots of column designs.

Author Profile

With the Author Profile block, users can display information related to the author along with title, description, and button.

Blog Post

The Blog Post block allows users to have a blog page designed.

Callback To Action

This callback to action is very useful in providing the functionality to make a form and other important requests.

Count Down

The Count Down block lets you set a countdown feature on your website. Usually used for event-related websites.


Counter Block represents the factual information related to any product, item or any product.


The Divider block lets users differentiate between sections or other site elements with awesome shape and also allow to upload custom shape.

Featured Block

The Featured block displays a large section with a photo, title, description, and button with an awesome template. Generally, it is useful to the header part of the site.


The Gallery Block lets the user create an amazing gallery of an image along with a caption mainly useful for portfolio, services or product.

Google Map

Google Map block lets the user showcase the accurate location of organization, company or any place with advanced features of google map.

Icon Box

Icon Box block lets users show off a small brief about the user’s services with Font Awesome icons representing their company or business.

Image Box

The Image Box lets users display information along with image, title, description, and button which can be easily modified.

Image Slider

The Image Slider Block lets any user display cool slider with image, title, description, and button which can be modified by available features and templates.

Opening Hours

The Opening Hours Block lets users display any information related to the opening schedule of any organization or any places.

Pricing Box

The Pricing Box block helps users designing and modifying the pricing details of any commodity with a number of customizing features.

Progress Bar

The progress bar block lets any user create a customizable bar and/or circle progress counter to represent percentage values.

Restaurant Menu

The Restaurant Menu block lets users showcase the information items and recipes available in the restaurant with different features.


The Social block lets users display the social networks page such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin on their website.


The Tab block lets any user display content in a fully tabbed UX which contains a title, description, and buttons with a number of templates.


With the team block, users can create an attractive and well-organized team section where they can represent the team members of their company in a professional manner.


The Testimonial block lets users display the feedback or quotation given by valuable clients which helps site visitors to trust in your product and services of our company.


The Timeline block lets users represent the user information or events in chronological order with different styles.

Video Popup

The Video Popup block will let users display video from youtube link or custom uploaded video in popup mode with a variety of options to modify or re-design them.

Filter Block

The Filter Block is a unique option that consists of a filter option to categorize the image/item.

Explore Gutentor and build beautiful blocks for your website.
Simply visit  Gutentor РWordPress Page Building Blocks to download Gutentor. It also comes with a Pro version with added features and functionalities.


Gutentor makes designing webpages more exciting with its powerful blocks and editing tools. It is a splendid block builder to build your site. If you want to have an awesome block building experience and enhancing it with rich feature then don’t hesitate to use it. It’s definitely something to try and explore with your website.